Georgia Tutoring Association

Welcome to the Georgia Tutoring Association (GaTA) where our mission “is to foster the recognition and importance of tutoring to enhance student academic success and retention throughout the state of Georgia.” We’re delighted that you’re interested in our organization!

Within higher education, there are many organizations dedicated to providing support and assistance to those working in the tutoring/academic support field. While the work we do is both influential and vital, the only way that this work continues is for administrators and tutors to collaborate on ways to provide the best support to our students. GaTA does this annually through our conference, hosted at the beautiful MGA Hatcher Conference Center. This year’s conference provided everyone with opportunities to learn from one another, engage with colleagues from other institutions, & remind us that we’re not in the fight alone! We hope that you’ll consider joining us on October 19th, 2019, for this great event.

Additionally, GaTA hosts “Train the Trainer” every other year—an event specifically for administrators where we come together and focus on big picture items that we must consider in order to keep our centers running both efficiently and optimally. This event also gives us time to reflect on the vision we have for our individual centers. This coming year, we’ll be congregating at Gordon State University on February 15th, 2019, and we encourage you to come out, learn a little something, and get to know GaTA a bit better.

In closing, as you consider what professional organizations to join, consider doing so in GaTA. While we might not all work at the same colleges/universities and run our centers the same way, we do recognize the importance of the work that we do each and every day. It is because of our efforts that students succeed—not just on individual assignments, tests, etc. but on a larger scale as they pursue larger academic goals. Our work is valuable and needed, so let’s take time to invest in ourselves so we can be better for the students we serve!

~Duane Theobald
President of GaTA, 2018-2019